Urban Virtual Reality Property Expo 2016: View Properties Through the Latest Technology

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UrbanIndo invites you to attend the very first virtual reality exhibition in Bandung City. “Urban Virtual Reality Property Expo 2016” will take place in Trans Studio Mall (TSM) Bandung, March, 21-27 2016. You will be able to experience the power of the latest technology to view the best properties on the market, without having to travel to the various locations. Virtual Reality is revolutionizing real estate marketing. Come see how it works.

Shopping for properties usually means just looking at flat photographs in order to decide which sites to visit, and the driving from location to location. Virtual reality technology gives you the opportunity to experience the sites in all three dimensions without making unnecessary trips.

You can simulate a walk-through of properties by exploring them with virtual reality, before investing your time to travel to them. Virtual reality viewing will enable you to eliminate those properties that do not match your needs, so you can focus on the ones that are really right for you.

With Virtual Reality, you can envision visiting properties and experience them as if you were there, using a computer device that generates the three dimensional environment. It feels as if you were really there—it is virtually real!

Virtual Reality technology lets you see the developers’ show units without visiting the real projects’ location. It is the most up-to-date way for developers to provide the public with an opportunity to view their projects conveniently and efficiently.

The projects available for virtual reality viewing at the exhibition come from outstanding developers, including:

  • Sinar Mas Land with BSD 1, BSD 2, Kotawisata, and Grand Wisata projects
  • Margahayu Land with Newton The Hybrid Park project
  • Indah Karya with Golf Bellazona Park project.

To experience this virtual reality property viewing, visit the booths at the Urban Virtual Reality Property Expo 2016  in TSM, Ground Floor from 10:00  AM to 10:00 PM, March  21-27. Admission is free. There is no charge to use this innovative and sophisticated tool. This is a unique opportunity to experience the latest technology and to find the dream property you have been looking for.

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