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135 Ide Nama Playlist Spotify Aesthetic, Lucu, hingga Galau. Terlengkap!

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Sedang butuh rekomendasi nama playlist Spotify yang bagus? Intip saja ulasan lengkap yang kami rangkum ini!

Umumnya, playlist Spotify dibedakan berdasarkan jenis lagu yang biasa kamu dengarkan.

Tak hanya itu, kumpulan lagu ini juga bisa dikelompokkan dari kondisi saat ingin mendengarkannya.

Lebih lanjut, playlist yang sudah kamu buat bisa dibagikan ke publik lewat media sosial.

Dengan begitu, pengguna Spotify lainnya bisa mendengarkan playlist-mu jika diizinkan.

Agar menarik perhatian khalayak umum, kamu wajib membuat nama playlist yang bagus.

Sebagai referensi, berikut adalah ide nama playlist Spotify yang layak untuk kamu gunakan.

Nama Playlist Spotify Aesthetic

nama playlist spotify aesthetic

Butuh ide nama yang membuat playlistmu makin tenar?

Inilah ide nama playlist Spotify aesthetic yang bisa kamu tiru.

1. Misty Forest

2. Behind the Facade

3. Inside the Music

4. Feel Free

5. Pens and Papers

6. Lonely Together

7. Planting Flowers

8. New Moon

9. Nostalgia

10. Moonshine

11. Time for Memories

12. Missing Pieces

13. Closer to the Heart

14. Eastern Shore

15. Fox in the Snow

16. Morning Glory

17. Colors of Your Heart

18. Gold Skies

19. Under the Breeze

20. Misguided

21. Inner Alignment

22. Record Store

23. In Progress

24. Elegant Affairs

Ide Nama Playlist Spotify yang Bagus

nama playlist spotify yang bagus

Membuat nama playlist Spotify yang bagus memang sulit.

Sebagai referensi, intip rekomendasi namanya berikut ini:

25. Life as a Teenager

26. Positive Energy

27. Through the Tunnel

28. Drifting Away

29. Lights Off

30. First Choices

31. Flow State

32. Little Wonders

33. Hop3

34. Newest Finds

35. Ocean Drive

36. Battle of the Bands

37. Conversation Starters

38. My Things

39. Life’s a Breeze

40. Sense of Self

41. Escape Room

42. On the Bridge

43. Paris Lights

44. Midnight Crisis

45. In My Feelings

46. Shooting Star

47. Brighter Days

48. Underground Spotlight

49. What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth

50. Life Line

Rekomendasi Nama Playlist Spotify Keren

rekomendasi nama playlist spotify keren

Jika sedang mencari rekomendasi nama playlist Spotify keren, kamu berada di tempat yang tepat.

Inilah sejumlah rekomendasi nama untuk lagu pop yang biasa kamu dengarkan:

51. In Bed with a Poet

52. Makers and Shakers

53. D&D with the Geeks

54. In All Honesty

55. What I Learned

56. What She’s Having

57. Naked Monkeys

58. No Shade

59. In the Trenches

60. Fashionable Synth

61. Behind the Eyepatch

62. Green Sheep

63. Open for Business

64. Frightfully Frightful

65. What the Fleek?

66. Talk the Walk

67. Faux Fax

68. No One’s Listening

69. Dudes in a Garage

70. Reel Freaks

71. Grown Folk’s Business

72. What’s Trending?

73. We All Know Little

74. Nourish and Flourish

75. Talking Flicks

Nama Daftar Putar Lagu Lucu

ide nama playlist spotify lucu

Tak hanya pantun jenaka saja yang bisa membuatmu tertawa.

Ide nama playlist Spotify lucu ini juga bakal mengocok perutmu:

76. I’m a child of the 80s

77. The talk with my mother

78. Songs that sound a bit like other songs

79. My Favorite Songs from My Childhood

80. The Ex Girlfriends Club

81. An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate

82. Funny Rap Songs On Repeat

83. Yaaasssss Girl Yaaassss

84. I’m Laughing ‘Til I’m Crying 😭

85. Songs that make me ClowNn

86. If you like anxiety, you should try depression

87. Unfiltered and Unapologetic

88. Songs that will make you go WTF

89. My Favorite Trashy Pop Songs for When I’m Feeling Basic 💁🏻

90. Criminally Overlooked Tracks

91. The Angry Playlist If You’re Having a Bad Day 🙄😡

92. Dance to These If You Want To Get Fired

93. It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Wanna 🎉

94. Not Ashamed of My Love for These Songs

95. The party doesn’t start till I walk in

96. It’s rude it isn’t Friday

97. This senorita needs a margarita

98. I know I left my sanity around here somewhere

99. Born to express, not to impress

100. Music is cheaper than therapy

101. There is no angry way to say bubbles

102. Drinks on me

103. I make pour ​🍷 decisions

104. Half good music

105. Don’t be fancy, just get dancy

106. The best of the worst

Nama Daftar Putar Lagu Sedih dan Galau

nama daftar putar lagu sedih

Untuk pencinta lagu sedih, ada beberapa nama playlist Spotify sedih dan galau yang bisa dipakai.

Intip beberapa contohnya di bawah ini:

107. Troubled Mind

108. Last Dance

109. Autumnal Dreams

110. A Tragic Romance

111. Sorry not Sorry

112. Life Goes On

113. Last Warning

114. Feeling Insecure

115. I’m Tired of Being Here

116. Lost on You

117. Endless Cycle

118. A Darker Kind of Goodbye

119. Losing Motivation

120. Opinion Rejected

121. Painful Peace

122. Far From Home

123. Losing my Grip

124. Memories of the Future

125. Lonely Summer

126. On the Edge

127. Weeping Willows

129. I Hope You Think of Me

130. Something’s Missing

131. Outer Darkness

132. False Pretences

133. In Solitude

134. Tap to feel Despair

135. A Playlist of Breakup Anthems


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