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Hitting Over 5000 Postings and Users in 3 months

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Many people call February as the month of love. We couldn’t agree more as this month UrbanIndo hits yet another milestone of hitting over 5000 postings and users.

We thank you all for the love that we received and in return earlier this month, UrbanIndo has introduced several new features:

    1. Project Nusantara ( a feature that allows our users to look at properties directly on the map. With Project Nusantara our user can easily locate properties that they want.We are very proud to say that UrbanIndo is the first property site in Indonesia that has this capability.
    2. Find me property! ( a feature that connects potential buyers with sellers/property agents. It allows our users to post their dream property and let seller/property agents at UrbanIndo to look for their dream property.

We will continue expanding our features to help our users to find their dream properties and sell their properties.

Thank you for all of the support. We look forward to continuing our great relationship with all of you.


UrbanIndo Management

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