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14 Contoh Personal Letter Bahasa Inggris yang Benar untuk Teman, Guru, hingga Orang Tua

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Contoh personal letter yang benar harus diperhatikan dengan saksama terutama bagi kamu yang belum pernah membuatnya. Simak contoh dan cara membuatnya disertai artinya, lengkap!

Ada beberapa aspek yang harus kamu perhatikan saat membuat personal letter atau surat pribadi.

Salah satunya adalah struktur personal letter, Property People.

Tidak hanya bahasa Indonesia, surat pribadi juga bisa menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Membuat surat pribadi tidak terbatas pada penggunaan bahasa formal, lo.

Jadi, kamu bisa dengan bebas menulis surat pribadi sesuai dengan gaya bahasamu.

Hanya saja, tak sedikit yang masih bingung bagaimana cara membuat personal letter dalam bahasa Inggris.

Apakah kamu salah satunya?

Jika iya, simak dulu penjelasannya secara lengkap di bawah ini!

Apa Itu Personal Letter?

apa itu personal letter

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Sebelum melihat contoh personal letter, ketahui juga pengertiannya.

Melansir thoughtco, personal letter adalah jenis surat yang isinya berupa persoalan pribadi.

Personal letter atau surat pribadi ditulis dan dikirim dari satu individu ke indvidu lain baik itu teman, sahabat, keluarga, atau guru.

Isi personal letter berisi ucapan tertentu, permintaan maaf, permohonan izin, dan lainnya.

Di era saat ini, surat pribadi juga dapat kamu kirim melalui email, lo.

Gaya bahasa personal letter pun tidak terpaku pada bahasa formal atau informal.

Struktur Personal Letter

Cara membuat surat pribadi sangatlah gampang, Property People.

Salah satu hal yang harus kamu perhatikan adalah struktur personal letter.

Dengan mengetahui struktur surat pribadi, kamu bisa membuatnya dengan mudah.

Lantas, bagaimana struktur personal letter? Simak rinciannya!

Struktur personal letter:

  • Tanggal surat
  • Alamat pengirim surat
  • Salam pembuka (dear, dearest, my love, sweetheart, dan lain-lain)
  • Pembukaan
  • Isi surat pribadi
  • Penutup
  • Salam penutup
  • Tanda tangan (opsional)

Jika sudah paham, simak personal letter untuk guru, teman, orang tua, dan lainnya.

Contoh surat pribadi bahasa Inggris yang baik dan benar ini bisa kamu jadikan referensi, ya.

14 Contoh Personal Letter yang Baik dan Benar

1. Contoh Surat Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris

contoh personal letter

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2. Contoh Surat Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Jakarta 28, March 2023

Ten Ahmad Yani Street, Jakarta

Dear Anne,

How are you? I hope that you are okay. I miss you so much, and I promise that I will visit you during the school vacation.

Let’s make a plan for holiday together. How about your school? I hope that everything is okay and we can graduate together. See you soon Anne.





Jakarta, 28 Maret 2023

Jalan Ahmad Yani Nomor 10, Jakarta

Anne sayang,

Bagaimanaka kabarmu? Aku berharap kamu baik–baik saja. Aku sangat rindu kepadamu, dan aku berjanji akan mengunjungimu saat liburan sekolah.

Ayo kita buat rencana berlibur bersama. Bagaimana dengan sekolahmu? Aku berharap semua baik-baik saja dan kita bisa lulus bersama. Sampai jumpa secepatnya Anne.




3. Contoh Personal Letter untuk Teman

contoh personal letter

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4. Contoh Surat Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris

contoh surat pribadi dalam bahasa inggris

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5. Contoh Personal Letter untuk Guru

Dear Ms. Rita Suherman S.Pd,

I know that I had a lot of mistake to you. I often made you upset or angry because I was hard to be controlled. But, deep down in my heart I am really happy to have a very good teacher like you.

You are so patient when dealing with all of your students. Although your students are sometimes naughty, but you’re still trying to understand us.

Ms. Rita, thank you for anything you have done. Thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable knowledge. I would never forget anything you have taught me.

Thank you for being such a great teacher. I hope you will always be healthy and happy.

Your student,


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6. Contoh Personal Letter Singkat

2 July 2023

Vanessa Atkins

342 London Park Road

Montpelier, VT 05602

Dear Vanessa,

RE: Apology for Parking Lot Problem

I am writing this letter to apologize for the recent spillage in the parking lot area. I accidentally tripped and fell while carrying my groceries from my car and spilled a gallon of milk. I had no intention of inconveniencing you.

I was getting supplies to clean the mess when your car skidded on the spill. I can see how this would have upset you, and I understand your reaction.

I am ready and willing to repay you for any losses you may have suffered. I hope this incident does not affect our friendship.

Thank you for your time.


Joyce Monaro

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7. Contoh Personal Letter

contoh personal letter


Surabaya, February 1st, 2023

Dear Nathan,

How are you? Hope everything is okay with you. I’m all right here.

We are going to have the national examination, aren’t we? Are you well prepared for it? Well, to be honest, I just have some difficulties in preparing for it, especially in Science.

There are extra lessons in my school and I take them all. But, I feel that they don’t help. I’m still confused in solving Mathematic problems. I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.

Do you have any suggestion for me? I really appreciate your help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your buddy,

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8. Personel Letter Singkat

Dear Aunt Nia

Aunty, I have some good news for you. Last month I passed my final examination.

A week ago I succeeded to join in a senior high school English competition. Last night my parents promised to send me to a famous English course in my town.

They also promised me if my scores in English are good, they’ll send me to a foreign university.

Great, isn’t it? I’ll work hard. I want to be a great pediatrician like you, Aunty.

Well, that’s all for now. Looking forward to having your news.



9. Contoh Personal Letter untuk Teman

contoh personal letter untuk teman


Apt BLK 30, Eunos St. #05 – 116
Singapore 1441
2nd April 2023

Dear Liza,

I have received you letter asking me to meet you at your house this Sunday to discuss the urgent matter you have.

I regret however to say that it will not be possible for me to see you on Sunday as I already have a previous appointment.

I shall see you on Monday next week at 5 p.m . Hoping the change of date will be
convenient to you.

Your sincerely


Sumber: Modul Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI

10. Contoh Personal Letter untuk Teman Sekelas

Jl. Flamboyan No. 89 Pemalang
February 2nd, 2023

Dear Intan

Intan, sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. We moved into a new apartment last month and we’ve been really busy getting settled.

It’s a nice apartment. It is bigger than our old one. It’s big so there are a lot of rooms to work in.

It has a big living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Another thing I like is the kitchen.

The apartment is on a quiet street in a good neighborhood.

There’s also a shopping centre just down the street with a supermarket, some quite good restaurants and some stores.

We really enjoy living here. Do come over and have a look next time you are in the town. I’ll wait.



11. Contoh Personal Letter to Friend

contoh personal letter to friend


12. Contoh Personal Letter Holiday

Mr. Johnny Cash
23, Elysian Street
London 236578

Dear Sir,

I write you this letter as a request to kindly grant me three weeks leave from 23rd January to 14th February to visit my family for a gathering. I would really like to take a few days off and visit my parents as I haven’t availed a single day’s leave this year.

It is my parents’ 25th marriage anniversary, and I have to travel 2,500 kilometres away for the same. Since this is a one-time occasion that I wouldn’t have the chance to relive, I request you to please grant me a three weeks long holiday.

I will brief my colleague Robert who will take care of my work during my absence. If you wish to contact me, you can do so by reaching me via my cell 8973452671 or mail me at in case of any emergency.

Awaiting a positive response.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,
Keisha Malik

13. Personal Letter Contoh

contoh surat pribadi


14. Contoh Personal Letter untuk Orang Tua

My beloved Mom,

Mother, you are truly God’s gift to me. I wouldn’t be me without you – thank you for all the things you have done for me. You have always loved me, supported me, and prayed for me. These have protected me from any difficulties in life.
You are the closest thing to my heart, and I love you the most!

Your loving son,



Itulah contoh personal letter yang baik dan benar.

Selamat belajar dan semoga bermanfaat, Property People.

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