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10 Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris yang Baik dan Benar

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Contoh cover letter bahasa Inggris sangat penting diketahui bagi kamu yang berencana melamar pekerjaan atau mengajukan beasiswa. Sudah tahu cara membuat yang baik dan benar? Simak selengkapnya!

Selain surat lamaran kerja, salah satu berkas yang tak kalah penting adalah cover letter.

Cover letter harus kamu siapkan karena dokumen yang satu ini memiliki perbedaan dengan CV atau motivation letter.

Tak sedikit yang mengesampingkan cover letter dalam berkas lamaran kerja, Property People.

Padahal, dengan menyertakan cover letter pada berkas lamaran kerja maka peluang kamu diterima di perusahaan impian makin besar.

Lantas, apa itu cover letter?

Jika kamu masih bingung, simak apa itu cover letter pada penjelasan di bawah ini!

Apa Itu Cover Letter?

apa itu cover letter


Cover letter adalah surat pengantar berupa introduksi tentang diri kamu pribadi.

Tujuannya adalah untuk memperkenalkan diri secara singkat mengenai latar belakang dan mengapa kamu berminat pada posisi yang dilamar tersebut.

Perbedaan cover letter dan surat lamaran ada pada tujuan dan isinya.

Cover letter berupa identifikasi diri sebagai pengirim lamaran, sedangkan surat lamaran menunjukkan minat terhadap suatu lowongan kerja.

Dari segi isi, cover letter cenderung lebih panjang dan lengkap, sedangkan surat lamaran hanya berisi kualifikasi yang relevan dengan posisi lamaran kerja.

Cover letter sangat penting terutama bagi seorang fresh graduate, lo.

Hal ini untuk memudahkan orang yang menerima cover letter saat melakukan pencarian seorang kandidat terbaik tanpa pengalaman.

Nah, membuat cover letter bisa dengan bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris sesuai dengan kebutuhannya.

Namun, membuat cover letter juga tidak boleh asal-asalan.

Kamu harus menuliskannya secara baik dan benar agar mudah dipahami.

Selain itu, cara membuat cover letter juga harus dibuat dengan rinci, lengkap, padat, jelas, sopan, dan menarik.

Jika kamu masih bingung bagaimana cara membuat cover letter bahasa Inggris, simak ragam contohnya di bawah ini!

10 Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris

1. Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris Umum

contoh cover letter bahasa inggris

Sumber: wallstreetenglish


2. Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris untuk Fresh Graduate

contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris untuk Fresh Graduate

Sumber: inggrism

3. Contoh Cover Letter Lamaran Kerja Bahasa Inggris



4. Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to you to apply for the Accounting intern position at GreenTech Company. As a student in the Accounting Major, I believe that I can do a good job as an intern and get a lot of experience.

During my pastime in the university, I have studied a lot of subjects in the field of accounting such as cost accounting, auditing, finance, marketing, and others. Besides, I also joined the Accounting Club at the university. Therefore, I’m ready to adapt to the working environment.

I have included my resume within my applications. Thank you for your consideration. I am so excited to hear from you soon.





Kepada manajer perekrutan,

Saya menulis kepada Anda untuk melamar posisi magang sebagai akuntan di Perusahaan GreenTech. Sebagai mahasiswa Accounting, saya yakin dapat melakukan pekerjaan magang dengan baik dan mendapatkan banyak pengalaman.

Selama saya berkuliah di universitas, saya telah mempelajari banyak mata pelajaran di bidang accounting seperti accounting cost, audit, keuangan, pemasaran, dan lain-lain. Selain itu saya juga bergabung dengan Accounting Club di universitas. Oleh karena itu, saya siap beradaptasi dengan lingkungan kerja.

Saya telah memasukkan resume saya dalam lamaran saya. Terima kasih atas pertimbangan Anda. Saya sangat senang mendengar kabar dari Anda segera.

Hormat kami,





5. Cover Letter Email Bahasa Inggris

contoh surat pengantar bahasa inggris

Sumber: @hrdbacot

6. Cover Letter untuk Magang

contoh surat pengantar

Sumber: @hrdbacot

7. Contoh Cover Letter

February 21, 2023

Liza Wideman
Recruiting Coordinator
Great Strategy Consulting Firm
200 Shell Fish Blvd, Suite 199
San Francisco, CA 94080

Dear Liza Wideman,

I am writing to express my interest in securing an Associate position at Great Strategy Consulting Firm. I am a Master of Liberal Arts degree candidate at Harvard Extension School, specializing in Information Technology. I come from a solid technical background with a strong interest in business and a passion towards strategy. My area of focus and interest varies from quantitative analysis to project management. I have maintained a 3.95 GPA through a well-balanced program of study, which is not only very analytical and technical by nature but also helps to build leadership and team building qualities. I am extremely impressed with Great Strategy’s approach to strategy consulting, especially within the Business Development and Innovation practice areas. I believe my academic background, business knowledge and industry experiences have provided me with the credentials needed to thrive as an Associate.

Prior to Harvard, I worked as a technology professional, primarily resolving strategic issues related to
technology process improvement. I gained solid research, analytical and problem solving skills while
working in Fortune 500 companies. My background in generating innovative ideas and strategies to
improve processes has provided me with a deeper understanding of multifaceted problems that companies encounter in their daily operations. Moreover, because of my work experiences, I fully understand how important it is to have great team dynamics in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment.

To date, my experience as an IT professional has been extremely rewarding and productive. However, it is through strategy consulting that I can use my analytical aptitude and creative problem solving skills to their fullest. I strongly believe that consulting is a discipline that will force me to view problems not only from the client’s standpoint but also from a marketplace, best practices and “think out of the box” point of views.

I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with Great Strategy Consulting Firm for the Associate
position. Please find enclosed my resume for your review. I can be reached via email at or by phone at (617) 555-3456. I enthusiastically look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jacob A. McLean


8. Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris


9. Cover Letter Contoh

Student Name
123 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19111


Ms. ……
Senior Recruiter Bank XXX
Wall Street New York, NY 11111

Dear Ms. ……,

As a second year MBA student at The Wharton School of Business, I would like to be considered for your XXX position. Through discussions with current employees, including Victor Jones from your XYZ group, I am convinced that Goldman Sachs offers the best platform for a successful career. I have long been interested in the various financial innovations employing fixed income securities. This passion, combined with my strong banking experience this past summer and my very strong analytical and quantitative abilities, makes me a strong fit for your fixed income group.

Over the past summer, I worked as a summer associate at Bank ABC in both equity research and corporate finance. I learned a tremendous amount about the operation of securities business and how to communicate and market one’s idea; however, it also made me realize fixed income securities and derivatives are a better fit with my quantitative and analytical approach than equities. Before business school I was trained and worked as a scientist in genetic research, during which I led teams in successful completion of two projects and further developed my communication and leadership skills.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to interview with your company when you are on campus on February 4th. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any additional questions, I can be contacted at 215-XXX-XXXX or

Thank you for your time and consideration.



10. Cover Letter Lamaran Kerja

123 Paul Street,
Tel:021 503020
May 20__

Ms. Josephine Noonan,
Noonan and Murphy Accountants,
23 North Mall,

Dear Ms. Noonan,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a trainee accountant, which is currently advertised on the Careers Service website at University College Cork, where I am a final year Economics student.

During my studies at University College Cork, I have opted for modules relating to accounting and business economics, and have achieved excellent results. As you will see from my CV I have spent the summer vacation period working in a local accountancy firm. Although the work was initially clerical, I soon progressed to audit work and thoroughly enjoyed this.

Your firm is of particular interest to me because it is of medium size and therefore will allow me to become involved quickly as a team member. I enjoy challenges and have always found problem solving very satisfying. For these reasons the accountancy profession appears to suit my skills. I am keen to progress rapidly towards a professional qualification and I am aware that you place great
emphasis on training.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the post and my own background in more detail, and would be available for interview at any time from the beginning of June onwards.

Yours sincerely,

Anne McManus



Itu dia ragam contoh cover letter bahasa Inggris.

Semoga bermanfaat dan membantu, Property People.

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